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Dacil Arandur

Habitual Euthanasia Application Form

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Section 1: Some Stuff About You

♥1♥ What іs your timezone‚ primary language and approximately how many hours of EVE do you play per week? Tell us a little about your real life‚ your age‚ occupation etc.


♥2♥ What are your feelings about Taylor Swift? Which Taylor Swift song inspires you the most and why?


♥3♥ Are you a weeb? If so, please submit your waifu for @Liara Enith to evaluate for acceptability. Note that weebs are strongly frowned upon in HABIT, but exceptions can and have been made. Anime is, after all, cartoons, but then again, there are a few good cartoons.


♥4♥ What are your thoughts about scamming people in EVE? Have you ever done so? Do you think pirates should honor ransoms?


♥5♥ What are your thoughts on meta-gaming and spying in EVE? Have ever you done so or had it done to you? If you have, share at least basic details with @Oh Takashawa when you submit this application.


♥6♥ List the PVP characters you plan to use in HABIT. Provide a skill sheet link, note your main character‚ specializations, and tell us how long you’ve had each character. If a character was purchased, please specify. Disclose the same details about all other characters via forum PM to @Oh Takashawa. If you have paeticularly sensitive characters or are concerned about repercussions from your application in your current corp, you are encouraged to speak to a recruiter before applying and we will do our best to accommodate you.


♥7♥ What ships can you pilot and what ships do you like? What is your play style? Do you have any FC experience? If so‚ on what scale? What other roles are you familiar with in fleets?


♥8♥ How do you make your isk? Do you pay for EVE with PLEX or money?


♥9♥ How long have you been playing EVE? Tell us a little about your EVE history‚ greatest achievements‚ your favorite fights or kills‚ previous corporations and alliances‚ and any past friendly or unfriendly relationships you’ve had with us. This should be one of the longer answers you provide - we need to know how you got here.


♥10♥ List any relevant killboard links to your PvP characters so the corp can take a look at what you've done.


♥11♥ Why do you want to join us? Where did you hear about us? List any references or vouches in HABIT or PL (MAKE SURE you’ve talked to them first before posting here).


Section 2: Ship Setups


♥12♥ Give a setup for a ship you would likely solo PvP in‚ even if you never solo PvP.


♥13♥ Give a setup for a fast ship you would use to respond to sov or structure notifications in a post-fozzieclaw world.


♥14♥ Give a setup for any Triglavian ship.


♥15♥ Give a setup for any Interdictor, to be used for roaming and small gang PVP.


♥16♥ Give a setup for a combat capital you would field. This can be a FAX, Combat Carrier, or Dread. Specify its intended use if non-obvious.


♥17♥ Give a setup for a solo cloaking T3 cruiser you would fly for pvp.



Section 3: EVE Knowledge

This next section is designed to get to know more about your EVE knowledge and what you would do in different situations.


♥18♥ While roaming in the ship you specified in response to Question 12‚ you find a Drake in a belt and engage it. Half way through the fight‚ while the Drake has you tackled‚ a Curse warps in. What do you do?


♥19♥ You are logged in in our staging system and a notification appears that nearby sov or structures are under attack. What do you do?


♥20♥ You are on a black ops fleet, and either jump or are bridged onto a hostile Rorqual. As you load grid, a hostile Titan decloaks. What do you do?


♥21♥ A friend asks you for advice getting started PVPing in EVE. They are either new to the game, or only know PVE stuff. What advice do you provide on how to get started PVPing?


♥22♥ You killed a blue. Congrats! We're proud of you, but also curious why? What do you do now?


♥23♥ You are roaming near, but outside direct range of, our current staging. You spot a vulnerable capital or supercapital doing something dumb. What do you do?

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