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  1. Testudo Octavius

    Sara Baines

  2. Testudo Octavius

    Temptress Truborn

    I can confirm that she is cool and she is "a bro" at least on incrusion comms. I'm sure she is willing to learn and open for opinions. I keep fingers crossed for her application.
  3. Testudo Octavius

    Silas Maddox

    1. Are you ready to set alarm clock and show up on very important op even if its at 4 am for you in Sunday? 2. How much isk you can comfortably lose per month assuming there is no SRP? 3. MOST IMPORTANT: you said you do Incrusions. Are those Hi Sec incrusions? If yes, are you ready to lose sec status even close to -10.0?
  4. Testudo Octavius

    Symfynx Maricadie

    As @Goran Shoxx asked, how much ISK can you comfortably lose over a month assuming you get no SRP for anything?