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  1. Zero Starraider

    You receive a order to scout a dead end chain low sec keep eyes on it let’s say from antem to promise land in genesis for activity and targets and possible routes? how would you do it? what ship would you use? have you ever watched game of thrones ?
  2. BobbyRush

    I do agree you do have skills for a thany - 1 or 2 on your main but I do agree having a apostle is a must now a days I would suggest that training for one right away and as stated as above drugs (when out number every little edge helps) and jc are vary important allows you to be vary mobile in a nomad type alliance it helps a lot other note have you tried kings of war? its what I turn to after Warhammer die. And if you played Warhammer what was your favorite race etc tomb kings dwarfs elves?
  3. BobbyRush

    1st what’s your favorite solo or small gang 1 to 10 players ship and fit you would use ? do you play warhammer total war? do you play any table top games ?