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  1. Adan Dimaloun

    now back to retirement
  2. Adan Dimaloun

    fuck adan
  3. Sunber

    you called?
  4. Konrad Kane

  5. Antar Logan

    I was under the impression that a vouch is something you give someone to help them get through the application process and in return you put yourself on the chopping block if they fuck up. vOv
  6. Antar Logan

    If you actually think that was legit you are dumber than me or this is just some gr8 b8 m8
  7. Antar Logan

    Yo just letting you know my vouch makes it harder not easier )).
  8. Antar Logan

    Also my vouch carries enough weight to get a t1 seige nerd in
  9. Antar Logan

    Wowowowowow I feel tyrannosaurus rekt rn
  10. Antar Logan

    I just said I was vouching this nerd. ))
  11. Antar Logan

    Fuck it you got 2 pl dudes in here saying your good people. I'll vouch you @Antar Logan
  12. Antar Logan

    also holy tits @Marivauder why you try hard posting?
  13. Antar Logan

    that was one time and for jay only
  14. Antar Logan

    I think op needs to reevaluate his relationship decisions.
  15. Antar Logan

    Some kind of bff marine is