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    So enough trolling, let me give you my honest opinion. Regarding Renwaults task: You can't kite at 20 if they hit at that range. They'll hit you as long as you're in point range. And out DPS you. And have more than 2 times the EHP, before ADCU. And track you perfectly at that range. You basically failed Renwaults task on all points, this executioner will eat shit to a retri, you have no idea how the fit you gave works, the fit is shit and you even failed to format it properly. Regarding the rest of this dumpster fire: You're dodging questions about your history. You're going on and on about being a "skirmish commander" without being able to back that up at all. You're not upfront about your characters. You seem to completely lack any knowledge of Pvp outside of being awoxed for what I imagine is you being a fucktard. You have no characters that can fly even a quarter of the ships we'd expect you to fly. You still haven't understood the concept of injectors/extractors and how just extracting and reinjecting over and over again is retarded. In extension of that you're talking about completely ludicrous activities you're doing ingame considering your SP. You apparently somehow managed to be dumb enough to get scammed out of 100b when it takes you a month of playing at least 30hr/week to make 6 bil, which leads me to believe you're either lying or you're not very smart. I wouldn't even send you to TM. -1.
  2. @Xeno Szenn Is bullying me again.