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  1. Sanders Schmittlaub

    Let's change this to alliance then. Still -1.
  2. Sanders Schmittlaub

    No vouch, has robbed his corp before, -1.
  3. The Aggressor

    For what it's worth, I remember the agressor as being helpful, good to work with and useful during my times in waffles. Personality wise he always seemed like a good guy to me, excluding the nyx thing.
  4. Claire Ijonen

    Seeing as we don't really have a vouch for your actual abilities, I think this might be the best option. Waffles is deployed close to us, flying with us and has similar culture. It might be a good opportunity to show that you are not just talk and actually validate the faith Tara puts in you without actually ever having been on a fleet with you. I don't necessarily share Quickloads concerns about the time you've been playing, considering I wasn't playing much longer when I joined, but I would like an actual reference to your abilities in game and not on discord though. Keep in mind, I'm just a member, not recruitment, so this is just my personal opinion.
  5. Claire Ijonen

    I really appreciate your reasoning there Tara, but the fact remains that you have never actually flown with her and can not in any way attest to her actual ability to pilot ships, hold up under pressure and actually do what she's talking about. You can attest to her character, which I appreciate and everything in her app tells me that you aren't off. But her fleet performance is another story entirely.
  6. Claire Ijonen

    This. It seems like you know Tara over discord and your eve interactions have been largely (or entirely) theoretical. And while I really appreciate your enthusiasm and think you'd be a good fit culturally, I can't see how Tara can actually vouch for your eve skills in situations of combat, pressure and so on since he actually has never flown with you. I would like some confirmation of someone that has actually flown with you in eve that can confirm that you're not just talk (though I have the feeling you're not).
  7. Claire Ijonen

    You missed capital remote cap transfers. Looks solid otherwise. The later part is pretty obvious, the focus on shield is noticeable. Besides T2 guns, you're also lacking some important support skills (you really want to have awu 5 sooner or later, arty machs don't fit w/o it, forcing you to use fitting implants), but it looks pretty solid otherwise. If you plan on doing links you'll need to get armor command ships up (specifically amarr) but that's not urgent. That said, it's all just SP and being low sp doesn't exclude you from being useful, so don't see this as me nagging about it.
  8. Claire Ijonen

    Looking at the eve boards, the triage alt is at least ~3 months (assuming perfect remap, +5s) away from actually flying a decent one without using injectors.
  9. Creone

    @creone <3 welcome back to the game fam
  10. Azis Troyanov - Application

    You sure about this? Your usual ship naming scheme suggests you're at most 14 and 3/5.
  11. Symfynx Maricadie

    T2 MWDs are just bad. You trade increased sig, cap usage and fitting for 12m/s. If you can fit t2, either go faction/ded or quad lif.
  12. Symfynx Maricadie

    Can you explain why for a large fleet setting you would choose a ship that not only has minimal range but also has the only form of tank that can not receive any meaningful reps? Further can you explain why a 50MN T2 MWD is a bad choice and what you should have picked instead?
  13. MCKen3311 Daugherty - Application

  14. #2

    not a good one.
  15. app