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    not a good one.
  2. これは本当に面白い。皮肉の意味を知ってる?お腹いが痛む。
  3. After you appease @Beffah(which you should). I'd like to see a fit for an armor fleet ship of your choosing and the reason behind your choice in relation for what fleet you'd use it for.
  4. Assume there are pings for a Carrier/Apostle fleet. We are going travel fit for a couple of gates, then we'll be jumping into the fight. You take this travel fit. After jumping into fight and surviving, we don't want to stack fatigue and are going travel fit to go home again. Explain why your travel fit will a) not allow you to fight properly for an extended period of time and b) why it will absolutely fuck you when extracting via gates.
  5. for what it's worth coming from me: Edible is a good man.
  6. Let's say the honorable @Avery Lewis forms us for a very important op. The nature of the op requires that we refit our space vessels in a certain way that is non standard. Assume further that our blessed market seeders put in overtime to make sure all those refits are seeded. Now due to some dark machinations by the great deceiver Hillary Clinton, you become possessed and decide to buy all of those refits up before the fleet has a chance to refit and decide to relist them at an exorbitant price increase of let's say 500-600%. After people notice and ask who is responsible for this, do you: a) Speak up on comms, own up to you possession and sort it out? b) Quietly drop from comms, not respond to IRC pings and hope no one notices?
  7. In all my interactions with Riff, he's been a good dude.
  8. Wow Just. WOW.
  9. You are implying above that you were inactive and about to quit corp because you were not happy with a deployment. PL does deployments and is at heart nomadic. What tells me that you won't just go up and leave as soon as you are bored for a week? Same here. As to not turn this into a shit throwing fest and since John made it clear he isn't interested in what happened in Waffles I'm gonna save my comments on that time.
  10. Was a complete shitler during our time in Waffles. I highly doubt that changed in anyway in EE. For what it's worth -1.
  11. Can I have this as a poster? Also:
  12. I know it doesn't really matter since I've not been in PL long, but Karl is a good man and he's always been a pleasure to work with, both in Horde Recon and as my first contact in Horde when I was in waffles. Karl is a good dude.
  13. [Devoter, Devoter fit] 1600mm Rolled Tungsten Compact Plates Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II Adaptive Nano Plating II Damage Control II Energized Thermal Membrane II Nanofiber Internal Structure II Nanofiber Internal Structure II Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script Sensor Booster II, Scan Resolution Script 50MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive Focused Medium Beam Laser II, Aurora M Warp Disruption Field Generator II Focused Medium Beam Laser II, Aurora M Warp Disruption Field Generator II, Focused Warp Disruption Script Warp Disruption Field Generator II, Focused Warp Disruption Script Focused Medium Beam Laser II, Aurora M Medium Trimark Armor Pump II Medium Anti-EM Pump II What do you think of this HIC fit?